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CI Web Group: Your go-to digital marketing agency, known for creative designs that drive conversions. We cherish data and use it to enhance your daily operations. Our distinctive approach puts both customers and our team's happiness at the forefront. We're a "love us or leave us" firm, committed to winning your business every day with exceptional customer service and tangible results.

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  • What We Do

    We start by simply asking questions. Lot’s of questions! Without understanding who you are, what you do, where you are now, where you want to go, what you have done so far, what your fears are, what’s holding you back and much more, we can’t begin to know which solutions are right for you.

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  • Overview | Full Service Agancy

    CI Web Group specializes in web, search, social, mobile, video, email, graphic design, and more. Our clients gain an unmatched advantage when leveraging our international team of experts to “achieve accelerated results”! Our goal is to continually exceed expectations and deliver value even beyond what was agreed upon, and that you thought possible. Google “CI Web Group Reviews” and “Achieve Accelerated Results” to get a small representation of what our clients think about our work and performance.

    Link: Overview | Full Service Agancy

  • FREE Website Grader and Report

    Request a free Website Evaluation and Local Listings report. Below the Web Form, we have provided you with a sample of a Website Evaluation Report for your review. If you are interested in setting up a strategy session to review your reports, just fill out the Free Consultation form at the bottom of our website.

    Link: FREE Website Grader and Report

  • Who We Serve – Giving Back

    Who we Serve In addition to the vast variety of businesses, organizations, athletes, professionals, etc. we serve, we, believe our purpose is greater. CI Web Group Supports: Womens Advocacy Susan B Komen Night of Superstars Ragan’s Hope National Equality Programs and Sensitivity Training Homeless Adults Homeless Kids Dallas Heritage Village

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  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    Your customers and prospects all have different personality styles. They are born that way. As do key players on a marketing project. They are not birthed as one. A coder is typically a home body, drinks redbull, listen to techno and a night off is spent in IRC (if you have to ask, that’s our point). A designer is stylish, creative and picky. A SEO engineer is over analytical, slower to act and uninterested in being creative (unless it’s how to alter the data). A social media guru is social, friendly, boisterous, and the life of a party. Without continuing, whether you are dealing with department heads with different objectives or subject matter experts in a niche field, you need an experienced business strategist at the helm. A guide, a referee, a judge, a umpire, a mediator and many times, someone who simply gathers all the information and presents a reality check In order to be an effective consultant or strategist, a history of finance, operations, logistics, customer service, marketing and technology is required. We help our clients go as far as they can see, and then they go further.

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  • Local Listing and Review Management Plans

    Our Local Listing and Review Management Platform is a powerful service. CI Web Group will: Ensure that you are correctly listed across the Internet, so that potential customers can always find them Promote your business by adding enhanced content, like descriptions, hours, products and services, and staff bios to your listings Monitor the traffic on your listings and keep track of what customers are saying about you in reviews Common tasks CI Web Group will perform on your behalf. Add enhanced content to your listings Extend your listings by adding products/services, calendars, staff bios, or menus See all of your listings and click through to see how they look Monitor what customers are saying by using review monitoring View reports on how often your listings have been viewed

    Link: Local Listing and Review Management Plans

  • Custom Website Design & Development

    Creating websites is our passion. Not just any website will do. No templates, no themes. No copy of what everyone else has already done. We create something special, unique and just for you. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, you deserve something designed to perfection based on the needs of your business, vs the skills of the team or the flexibility of the theme.

    Link: Custom Website Design & Development

  • Website Design Project Plan

    CI Web Group is a custom design and development agency. If quality, customization, functionality, visual appearance and performance is important to you…. then CI Web Group is the perfect agency. We do not promote fast and cheap, we do focus on design, functionality and performance quality. Below we have outlined the “perfect scenario” for timeline estimates, however, there are only a handfull of projects that fit into perfect clients, perfect content, perfect timing, perfection. It’s more important to have clear expectations, transparency and become as educated as possible on the complexities involved with custom design, development and performance. Website Design and Development Project Plans should be divided into the following phases. Entry Level Website: 6 – 10 Weeks Basic Website: 8 – 12 Weeks Standard Website: 10 – 14 Weeks Advanced Website: 14 – 18 Weeks Enterprise Website: 18 – 24 Weeks

    Link: Website Design Project Plan

  • HVAC Web Design

    CI Web Group is the Preferred HVAC Web Design company for Amana, Daikin Home Comfort, Daikin 3D, contracted with Goodman. Our company has significant experience in HVAC Web Design, HVAC SEO, HVAC Social Marketing at the dealer, distributor and manufacture level. We have a tremendous amount of experiences with HVAC Distributors and Dealers who sell major HVAC Brands such as, Goodman, Amana, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Bryant, Trane, Honeywell and many more. Our HVAC Internet Marketing, Strategy and HVAC Web Design team know’s how to increase business at the manufacture, distributor and dealer level – focusing on international, national and local marketing. CI Web Group also designed and developed our own HVAC Directory site which is launching January 2015. Here we feature our HVAC Dealers, provide training, resources and much more. Sign up for a free listing on CIHVAC at CI Web Group consitently get’s results with our HVAC Dealer and Distributor Websites making us a hot topic at the manufacture’s dealer meetings. Checkout the video below at the Amana Champions meeting in Houston or the Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Conference

    Link: HVAC Web Design

  • HVAC Power Tools

    Link: HVAC Power Tools

  • Marina & Port Web Design

    CI Web Group specializes in Designing Websites for Marinas, Boatyards, Ports, Yachts and Boat Builders. Web design needs to accomplish more than just marketing. We must consider: How to improve operations Marina Web Design | Marina Website Designer Marina Web Design | Marina Website Designer How to increase occupancy rates How to reduce customer / tenant customer services needs How to automate monthly AR/AP How to interact with your community Business Development and Economic Development Emergency Communication Plans HR Solutions Increase Revenue Opportunities Improve Relations with Local Businesses and your Communities

    Link: Marina & Port Web Design

  • eCommerce Website Design

    CI Web Group is an industry leading eCommerce website design company. Since 2006, we have been delivering effective ecommerce designs and solutions that are the back bone of many successful online businesses. We have experienced professional designers that can drastically improve the visual presentation and effectiveness of your e-Commerce website and online store. And, with our proprietary product management system, content management system, and available hosting, we are much more than just a design shop, we are an eComm

    Link: eCommerce Website Design

  • Small Business CRM

    Link: Small Business CRM

  • Online Invoicing

    Link: Online Invoicing

  • Graphics Design and Branding

    No matter what business or industry you’re in, we have to find the flavor in your brand and bring it to life. Design matters. Can you choose design only, NO – you might wind up with a beautiful website with no eyeballs to compliment you. However, having a powerful website with lot’s of eyes and a boring design is just as bad… a total turn off.

    Link: Graphics Design and Branding

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Everyday, your prospects are searching for you, your products, your services, your cause, your team. With billions of websites on the internet and millions of new pages every day, we know you are concerned with how to stand out, stand up and get found in a search. The technical term is often referred to as search engine optimization. We simply call it search. Who are you searching for? What are they searching for? How can we marry the two, in one unique search?

    Link: Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media Marketing

    Ah… social media marketing, a fun topic. A powerful lead generator for some and a perceived timewaster for many. And, everyone is absolutely correct. If you read anything we said about Search, you will agree that you need to become an authority in your field, digitally. Social media plays an intricate role in this. Social media marketing requires a commitment and you are going to have to make a decision. Are you able to fully commit to the process of becoming an authority across multiple social media platforms or are you going to simply commit to using social media to protect your most valuable asset, the referral? These are your only two choices. At the very least, protecting your most valuable asset, which you work so hard to create, the referral, is critical to your overall business strategy.

    Link: Social Media Marketing

  • Mobile App Development

    Whether you are sitting at a restaurant, sports game, your child’s play, a seminar, conference or getting scolded by a movie theater intro, mobile devices are part of your life, love it or not. We are not going to bore you with stats and statistics… we don’t have to. At our home, we have a no technology rule at our dinner table to simply have an unplugged hour

    Link: Mobile App Development

  • Video Production, Editing and Marketing

    Implementing a marketing strategy without video is like wearing tennis shoes without laces. As an adult, you just can’t get away with velcro kid shoes. Mature and professional businesses, leverage video. The population of consumers who would choose to watch a video vs. read text is massive. Think about it, as a parent, you seek to know how your kids learn. Those learning styles transfer to us as adults. If you can see, read and hear, your retention rate increases by over 40%. Some people ONLY retain information that they can see and hear.

    Link: Video Production, Editing and Marketing

  • Whiteboard Video Animation

    Let our professional writers, marketing experts, and highly talented illustrators create for you a sketch video that will grab your visitor’s attention so much we will literally hypnotize them to engage in your content! Selling a product or service? Just need to let your visitors understand your site better? Need a tutorial video for your site? We handle it all and our custom scribe videos will help you get results. And we’ll do it for a price any business can afford! First our professional marketers and writers will analyze your website and your audience and create a script that will hit the emotional buttons of your audience and get your visitors to take any desired action you need. Our talented team of voice-over artists will record the perfect voice-over for your project that will match and enhance your message. Have a script and/or voice-over already and just need the video production? No problem! We do that too! Need a video in German, Spanish, or Italian? Yep we do that too! Contact us for details and get your website on the cutting-edge of current video marketing trends and get your own Whiteboard Video Animation today!

    Link: Whiteboard Video Animation

  • Content Writing and Editing

    We know what you say matters. Because it makes the difference between you and your competition. We have an award winning content team. Need excellent clients? Want to attract more business?

    Link: Content Writing and Editing

  • WordPress Hosting, Updates and Support

    CI Web Group Offers the Best Fully-Managed WordPress Hosting. Security Scalability Support Community Speed

    Link: WordPress Hosting, Updates and Support

  • Training and Education


    Link: Training and Education

  • HVAC Dealer Training Series

    Link: HVAC Dealer Training Series

  • CI Web Group Reviews

    WRITTEN TESTIMONIALS “WOW! Talk about waking a sleeping giant! We are amazed at what Jennifer Bagley and the CI Web Group has done for our company in such a short period of time. We went from having a pretty stagnant and unremarkable website with very little social “buzz” to a dynamic and interactive website that gets noticed! After years of trying to secure a decent page placement on Google, the CI Web Group stepped in and BAM! Here we sit in the page one, number one position in so many categories. We can’t thank you enough in assisting in the rebirth of our company! Our thanks to the whole CI Web Group for helping us to make sense of the ever changing world of on-line marketing and social media!” – We love CI Web Group Reviews DUSTIN FOLKES, FOLKES HEATING & COOLING – FISHKILL, NY ” I have booked Jen as a keynote speaker, break-out speaker and trainer for multiple events and venues. She consistently creates rave reviews on the value she brings as a speaker. I refer business to her monthly because I know she knows exactly what so many want to understand in the marketing, social media and digital world. Jennifer Bagley and CI Web Group have been a key player on my marketing team for many many years and for that I’m thankful. Perhaps she should be on yours!” – We love CI Web Group Reviews

    Link: CI Web Group Reviews

  • SEO for HVAC Contractors

    CI Web Group specializes in HVAC SEO and marketing. We get contractors ranked and getting business in the door! We dominate the competition with ease. Give us a call when you're ready to get found! Our pricing is transparent and directly online.

    Link: SEO for HVAC Contractors

  • SEO Plans

    Our SEO plans are built to get local businesses found on Google by real consumers that are looking for services online. The internet is different when you own it!

    Link: SEO Plans

  • Accelerated HVAC Success

    CI Web Group has proudly been a part of the Accelerated HVAC Success program since 2019! Come check out Goodman's Accelerated HVAC Success show. During the YouTube series, we makeover HVAC dealers and help them identify areas of improvement in their business. Check out the YouTube channel here - Get our show updates here -

    Video: Accelerated HVAC Success

    Link: Accelerated HVAC Success

  • HVAC Marketing

    CI Web Group, Inc. is the preferred digital marketing agency for some of the world's leading HVAC manufacturing brands, distributors, and dealers. If you need to grow your HVAC business, we take care of companies of all sizes. From small one-man shops to large multi-state operations, CI Web Group, Inc. is here to help you grow!

    Video: HVAC Marketing

    Link: HVAC Marketing


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