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lewis seo houston offers award winning seo for houston area businesses. we deliver results.


Offering Houston SEO, professional Search Engine Optimization services in the greater Houston TX area. We are a team of Search engine optimization experts with over a decade of experience each. We have delivered over 100, 000 first page search results to our clients. We specialize in Local SEO, Technical SEO, Medical SEO, eCommerce SEO, Regional SEO, National SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Retargeting and more. #lewisseohouston #houstonseo #seohouston #houstontxseo #houstonseocompany #seocompanyhouston #seoserviceshouston #houstonseoexperts #localseohouston

Lewis SEO Houston SEO Company in TX can be found at 6201 Bonhomme Rd . The following is offered: Internet Marketing - In Houston there are 93 other Internet Marketing. An overview can be found here.


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  • Medical SEO

    We love to fill exam rooms, Lewis SEO has been delivering high ROI digital marketing campaigns to medical professionals for over a decade. Learn more about why our practitioners keep coming back. #medicalseo #healthcareseo

    Link: Medical SEO

  • Dental SEO

    We make dentists smile with our high ROI dental SEO campaigns. Our favorite thing to do is to fill exam rooms because we got you to the top of page 1 for lots of dental keywords. #dentalseo

    Link: Dental SEO

  • Health Center SEO

    Do you run a community health center or group of clinics that are not ranking as well as they should be? Lewis SEO can help. We have programs for multi facility healthcare groups that bring the power to your practice. #healthcenterseo

    Link: Health Center SEO

  • Home Health Care SEO

    Now that some of the boomers are starting to need home health care that means GenX is starting to do the shopping for help for their parents and they are going to rely on the internet for their search. #homehealthcareseo

    Link: Home Health Care SEO

  • Med Spa SEO

    When someone searches for a med spa or the procedures and services that you offer do you show up? If not our Med Spa SEO can help! #medspaseo

    Link: Med Spa SEO

  • Neurologist SEO

    When someone searches Neurologist near me or any of the many neurological issues that you treat are you ranking at the top of the search results? If not we can help #neurologistseo

    Link: Neurologist SEO

  • ObGyn SEO

    There are new mothers to be every single day starting searches like birth plan, due date calculators, pregnancy symptoms and more. Its a great opportunity to both educate those new mothers to be and to bring them into your practice. #obgynseo

    Link: ObGyn SEO

  • Pediatrician SEO

    Young parents are going to go to the internet when their kids get sick to find out the severity of the new issues they are facing. You need to be the one providing the information and to do that you need to be at the top of the search results. #pediatricianseo

    Link: Pediatrician SEO

  • Podiatrist SEO

    As a podiatrist you have some special marketing needs, many of the display advertising groups have over the shoulder tests that for some reason think that any website talking about toenail fungus does not pass the over the shoulder test. So even above many other medical practices you need to be right at the top of the search results. #podiatristseo

    Link: Podiatrist SEO

  • Psychiatrist SEO

    As a psychiatrist you have the unenviable task of trying to keep your reputation score high while serving a group of people who are the absolute most likely to complain about everything online. Crafting good responses and being found for both map and non map searches is vital to growing your practice. #psychiatristseo

    Link: Psychiatrist SEO

  • Urgent Care Clinic SEO

    When someone has an illness and wants to be seen right away or does not have a family physician and gets a sudden illness you need to found and found quickly #urgentcareseo

    Link: Urgent Care Clinic SEO

  • Home Services SEO

    If you have a home services business being found at the top of Google is an important part of your marketing. When someone finds and issue they will pick up their phone and do a google search for a home services professional, if you do not show up you miss out on those searches. #homeservicesseo

    Link: Home Services SEO

  • Home Security SEO

    Do you sell alarms or offer alarm monitoring? Do you show up when someone searches alarm company and your city? We can help make that happen. #homesecurityseo #alarmcompanyseo

    Link: Home Security SEO

  • Roofing SEO

    When someone finds a leak in their roof or just realize they need a new roof and they go searching for a roofer near me or roof repair or the many other relevant search terms do you come up at the top? #rooferseo #roofingseo

    Link: Roofing SEO

  • Foundation Repair

    Get your foundation repair company to the top of Google with our high ROI SEO Campaigns for foundation repair companies. #foundationrepairseo

    Link: Foundation Repair

  • Basement Waterproofing SEO

    We want to help your basement waterproofing company rank at the top for all of your relevant searches. #basementwaterproofingseo

    Link: Basement Waterproofing SEO

  • General Contractor SEO

    We want to help you grow your business with our high ROI SEO campaigns. #generalcontractorseo

    Link: General Contractor SEO

  • Carpet Cleaning SEO

    Lewis SEO specializes in seo for home services businesses like carpet cleaning. The carpet cleaners we have done our SEO for have all seen tremendous growth. #carpetcleaningseo

    Link: Carpet Cleaning SEO

  • Septic Service SEO

    When the rain comes and people have sewage in their back yards they are not doing a lot of shopping around for a septic service. #septicserviceseo

    Link: Septic Service SEO

  • HVAC Contractor SEO

    When a furnace or air conditioner goes on the fritz homeowners know they need to fix it right away. So if you are not at the top of the search results you miss out on a lot of business from concerned homeowners who need a repair and call the first company. #hvaccontractorseo

    Link: HVAC Contractor SEO

  • Home Improvement Contractor SEO

    Are you still knocking on doors to find all of your business? Why not get leads that come to you! #homeimprovementcontractorseo

    Link: Home Improvement Contractor SEO

  • Landscapers SEO

    Are you ranking for landscaper or landscape architect, what about front yard landscaping or back yard landscaping? Let us help you make that happen. #landscapersseo #landscapearchitectseo

    Link: Landscapers SEO

  • Pool Builder SEO

    We want to help people find the right pool builder for their needs, the best way to do that is to help the best pool builders rank at the top of Google. Is that you? #poolbuilderseo

    Link: Pool Builder SEO

  • Plumber SEO

    The yellow pages are dead, the best way to be found now is the top of the google search results. We want to help people find the best plumbers, is that you? #plumberseo

    Link: Plumber SEO

  • Mold Remediation Contractor SEO

    Mold remediation is a competitive business you need to be at the top of the search results for the most competitive terms. #moldremediationcontractorseo

    Link: Mold Remediation Contractor SEO

  • Exterminator SEO

    Pest Control, Exterminator, Bee Removal, Bed Bug Exterminator these terms bring lots of searches, are you there? #pestcontrolseo #exterminatorseo

    Link: Exterminator SEO

  • Orthodontist SEO

    When someone searches orthodontist near me or best orthodontist or invisalign and the many other orthodontic searches are you at the top? #orthodontistseo

    Link: Orthodontist SEO

  • Locksmith SEO

    Being a locksmith is a lot more complicated than it was when my grandfather had his locksmiths business. So is marketing in that Google gets more and more complicated every month. If you want to rank at the top there is no easier time in the future than there is right now and Google prefers businesses that are already there. That means once you are solidly at the top you tend to stay there. #locksmithseo

    Link: Locksmith SEO

  • Veterinary SEO

    When someones family pet gets sick and they go running to google to find a veterinarian do you show up? #veterinaryseo #veterinarianseo

    Link: Veterinary SEO

  • Painting Contractor SEO

    Is your painting business at the top of the relevant searches like house painter or commercial painter or interior painter. Whatever the search term we can help you get there #paintingcontractorseo #housepainterseo

    Link: Painting Contractor SEO

  • Moving Company SEO

    When people need to move they are going to find you by doing a google search for mover near me or long distance mover or local mover or one of may other relevant search terms. #movingcompanyseo #moversseo

    Link: Moving Company SEO

  • B2B SEO

    Did your B2B business rely on trade shows in the past? If so you better get on this SEO thing right now because trade shows wont be back anytime soon. If you were not already there you have been missing out for a long time on the great business to be had by being at the top of the search results.

    Link: B2B SEO

  • Attorney SEO

    Its time for your law practice to be found at the top of google for all of your practice areas. #attorneyseo

    Link: Attorney SEO

  • DUI Attorney SEO

    When someone gets a DUI and they have family in another city, how are those people supposed to find an attorney other than going on Google and doing a search. Every single DUI attorney I have done this for is surprised at how often this happens for them! #duiattorneyseo

    Link: DUI Attorney SEO

  • Personal Injury Attorney SEO

    When someone is injured in an accident and they look for a personal injury attorney do you show up at the top? Its a dog eat dog world in the personal injury business and you need to be at the top. #personalinjuryattorneyseo #injuryattorneyseo #personalinjuryseo

    Link: Personal Injury Attorney SEO

  • Bankruptcy Attorney SEO

    We are going to be seeing record numbers of bankruptcies in the near future be found at the top if you want to get your choice of clients. #bankruptcyattorneyseo

    Link: Bankruptcy Attorney SEO

  • Cosmetic Surgeon SEO

    Are you getting new patients from your high positions in the search engines? By being at the top you get to show of your practice first and get people in the door who might otherwise have called another surgeon.

    Link: Cosmetic Surgeon SEO

  • Hand Surgeon SEO

    I have been getting closer to Carpal Tunnel syndrome from typing these all out! We have helped other hand surgeons grow their practice, we can do the same for you! #handsurgeonseo

    Link: Hand Surgeon SEO

  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon SEO

    You have a specialty that requires a lot of extra training, to get the most out of it you should be found right at the top of the search results so people know about you and what you offer. #oralsurgeonseo #maxillofacialsurgeonseo

    Link: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon SEO

  • eCommerce SEO

    Growing your eCommerce site from small to large is our specialty! #ecommerceseo

    Link: eCommerce SEO


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