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TechnoCycle is a premier IT Asset Disposition and electronics recycler servicing both the regional and national needs of our clients. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we exceed the expectations of our clients the recycling needs. Our services assist businesses and individuals with the proper disposal of end-of-life electronics. Data security is top priority and meets the security needs for our clients and the business enterprise. TechnoCycle upholds the highest environmental standards of the electronic recycling industry. While ensuring no e-waste is sent to landfills or exported to under-developed countries. We mitigate the environmental impact of material we receive by a “reuse and recycle” policy.

TechnoCycle can be found at 6600 Long Point Rd . The following is offered: Computer Business Solutions - In Houston there are 104 other Computer Business Solutions. An overview can be found here.

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  • Mike Buckles

    President & Founder

    Mike graduated with an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and worked in the field of Computer Science with ExxonMobil until founding TechnoCycle in 1997.


    Link: Mike Buckles

  • Billi Jo Buckles

    Vice President & CFO

    Billi Jo graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She worked in accounting with Insilco, Health South and Texas Mutual Insurance Inc., prior to founding TechnoCycle in 1997 with her husband, Mike Buckles.


    Link: Billi Jo Buckles

  • Patrick Mortell

    Operations Manager

    Patrick graduated with a Professional Aeronautics Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to joining TechnoCycle, Patrick retired from the US Army in 2011 and has since lead both Sales and Operations teams across the Gulf South.


    Link: Patrick Mortell

  • Kathy Henderson

    Sales Manager

    Kathy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing from Texas A&M University – College Station. She has worked with Insperity, Brown & Brown and TheMIGroup. She has worked in various capacities such as sales, management, and as a customer success manager before coming to TechnoCycle.


    Link: Kathy Henderson

  • Daniel Medrano

    Technology Manager

    As a member of the Technocycle family Daniel has overseen technical operations and support, managed numerous internal and external projects, and instilled a culture of accountability as well as countless process improvements. With over 16 years of IT Industry experience with corporations such as ExxonMobil, GE IT Solutions, Centerpoint Energy, and Itron, Daniel brings to Technocycle a unique combination of skill sets. Daniel holds an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems and is a certified Project Management Professional. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, embracing nerd culture, and spending time with his family.

    Link: Daniel Medrano

  • Maria Rodriguez


    Maria has an accounting background and over 17 years of accounting experience. Prior to joining TechnoCycle, she worked in accounting with Legacy Restaurants and TLM Accounting.

    Link: Maria Rodriguez

Technocycle Services

  • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

    Dispose Of Your IT Assets. Leave The Data Security To Us. For many years, customers throughout the greater Houston metroplex have depended on TechnoCycle to dispose of the their IT equipment, ensure the related data is secure, recycle the equipment, and manage their IT asset disposition (ITAD) needs. As ITAD professionals, we are highly experienced in the design and implementation of disposition programs that are secure, environmentally compliant, uniquely customized and accountable. Proven Experts in ITAD & Data Security No matter the size or scope of your organization – from small company t0 large multi-location enterprise – TechnoCycle is here to help you successfully manage your ITAD program. For more than 20 years, we’ve been a leading provider of ITAD services in the Texas marketplace. From “white-glove” logistics and progress-tracking reports to asset decommissioning and data drive destruction, we have the knowledge and expertise required to help you manage the disposition of your equipment and maximize the related return. In addition, our rigorous security standards and accountability procedures ensure your assets and data are safe at all times, no matter what. We use advanced sanitization and shredding technologies, maintain full custody of materials throughout the disposition process, and hold ourselves to the highest process standards. Our commitment to expertise is evident in our industry-leading certifications and standards. The TechnoCycle Process The TechnoCycle team of experienced ITAD professionals works with you to understand your unique ITAD needs. We’ll then help you develop a disposition plan that includes what you uniquely require. From the logistics and transport of your equipment, asset accountability, data sanitization and destruction as required, equipment remarketing and resale, and environmentally ethical electronics recycling We offer a full spectrum of ITAD services, including: -Data erasure, wiping and sanitization, -Data device destruction -Electronics recycling -Logistics and transportation -Data center clearouts -Data center decommissioning -Onsite or offsite services Asset Accountability As part of our rigorous data security and equipment-handling processes, we’ll track and report on the progress of your company’s assets while under our care. Every single asset is accounted for with TechnoCycle. IT Asset Value Recovery TechnoCycle is experienced in the resale of a broad range of equipment and components, including telecommunications, medical, networking, and consumer electronics. If we determine your electronic equipment can be refurbished and resold, it may qualify for our remarketing program. Reuse is always a recommended option. In many cases, we’re able to secure return profit on remarketed IT assets, which can yield a higher ROI on the initial purchase for your company. It just takes a call to us to get started.

    Link: IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

  • Asset Accountability

    What happens to your assets at TechnoCycle? One of the most important aspects of ITAD is what happens to your assets once they’re handed off. In addition to financial and data security implications when you dispose of electronic assets, there are local, state, and national guidelines that must be followed to limit your liabilities. We document the assets you give us You receive a complete inventory of every item we collected, including the equipment class, manufacturer, model, serial number, and asset tag (if applicable). You will receive this information within 15 business days of its arrival at TechnoCycle’s facility. Where we send your materials Assets are sent one of two places: 1. Reuse – We follow the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle model. With an emphasis on “Reuse” we work hard to find a good “second life” for all materials that we receive. This extends the environmental ROI invested to manufacture products and enables us to provide our services at minimal cost. After securely sanitizing all data media, our team of technicians and reuse professionals work hard to give every IT asset a “second life.” 2. Recycle – When an asset is no longer reusable, either due to non-function or age, we will properly recycle it according to local, state, federal, and international guidelines. We ensure that all material is processed in audited facilities that are qualified to process the hazardous components found in e-Waste. Properly recycling e-Waste ensures that the component materials in these products can be extracted and used in new manufactured products, helping us conserve our precious natural resources. When you work with TechnoCycle, we provide you with a complete manifest of the final disposition of each item—whether it was reused or recycled into commodities. We do not send electronic waste to developing countries, and you will always know what becomes of your assets. Upon request, we can also provide an equipment mass report, certificates of disposal and certificates of erasure. We offer total recycling accountability. Learn more about our “reuse and recycle” policy and our stewardship efforts on our e-Waste Recycling page. Contact us at 713-895-7409 to find out how we can help limit your liabilities while providing secure, compliant IT asset disposition.

    Link: Asset Accountability

  • Logistics Management

    TechnoCycle logistics management is a three-part solution for IT asset disposition We make it easy to dispose of your end-of-life IT equipment. Our professional team will come to your location and collect all of your old IT equipment. Our “white glove” service means there’s no need for you to do anything, so let us do the work of collecting your old equipment for you. Also, with TechnoCycle, you are assigned a personal account manager who will work with you every step of the way. Step one: Call us From the very start, we find out what you need and create a personalized plan that accomplishes what you need. This includes coordinating site logistics, providing you with a detailed inventory list of what was collected, creating a secure data sanitization plan, and ensuring that all of your end-of-life IT is recycled responsibly and in accordance with local, state, federal, and international guidelines. Your account manager will be your single point of contact for the entire process, from pick-up to final disposition. Step two: Schedule Your account manager works with your schedule to provide professional pick-up services. With TechnoCycle, your reverse logistics are professionally handled by our logistics team. We offer after-hours and weekend service in addition to weekday pickups, and your account manager will create a plan that meets your organization’s unique needs. Regional and nationwide pickups are available. We even work globally. Step three: We move Our team of movers arrives at your location to securely pick up your materials. Our movers are trained to handle bulk electronics—from desktop computers and laptops to printers, copiers and nearly everything in between. Once at our facility, we create a detailed manifest, so you know exactly what we received, including serial numbers, equipment classes, and manufacturers. From the phone call to final disposition, your account manager will manage the reverse logistics for you. Contact us at 713-895-7409 to speak with an account manager today.

  • e-Waste Recycling

    Recycling E‐Waste to Protect The Environment Does your organization have old computers, hard drives, printers, backup media, copiers & other IT equipment that needs to be discarded and disposed of in a secure manner? We can help. Whether you are responsible for managing the IT assets of a large corporate enterprise or a small business, our comprehensive programs will simplify the job of recycling your end-of-life technology assets. Our e-waste experts work to design custom recycling solutions that meet your unique requirements every time, including after-hours and weekends. TechnoCycle provides businesses in the greater Houston area as well as throughout Texas an effective and environmentally friendly e-waste re-use and recycling services. TechnoCycle is a full service IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider and electronic waste recycler. We provide creative technology solutions and services to businesses, organizations and corporations in order to simplify the disposal of your end-of-life technology. Our process is designed to mitigate the environmental impact of recycled electronics by following a secure “reuse and recycle” policy. Total Recycling Accountability Our goal is to ensure that data is properly erased and that all electronic materials we handle stay out of domestic and international landfills. All materials received at TechnoCycle are first considered for reuse before recycling. Manufacturing items takes a lot of energy and environmental resources, so reusing them beyond their planned obsolescence to their true functional end of life makes good environmental sense. Items that cannot be reused are recycled by breaking them down into commodities that are categorized in a controlled, secure workspace, and then sent to appropriate down-stream processors. These commodities are recycled and used to produce new products which help reduce the need for consuming additional environmental resources. 100% of the electronic materials we receive are either reused or recycled into commodities that will later be sent to a specialty processor. We ensure that materials are responsibly managed through our own in-house processing center or within our qualified nationwide partner facilities. Asset Recycling Controls TechnoCycle will perform an itemized inventory of all equipment received from you within 10 business days of pickup. This manifest will record the following asset attributes: -Manufacturer; -Model; -Material Classification (PC, Monitor, Printer, etc.); -Serial Number; and Asset Tag (if present). In addition, we will provide upon request: -Equipment Mass Report -Certificates of disposal -Certificates of erasure If you are looking for a electronic waste recycling partner in the greater Houston area, give us a call to begin a conversation.

    Link: e-Waste Recycling

  • Data Erasure

    No Data Trace Left Behind As you are probably aware, you can erase any file from a hard drive with just the click of a mouse. However, seeing it gone does not mean that it is gone. This “delete” function often leaves traces or even full versions of the data that can be recovered in various ways. To render data irretrievable, the drive must be securely wiped or erased. Wiping a drive usually involves actually adding new data to the drive that replaces any encoded information with only zeroes or ones. This is because all digital data is based on binary code, which is comprised of a series of zeros and ones. The Data Sanitization Process The Department of Defense’s data destruction guidelines as outlined in DOD 5220.22-M, clarify secure data wiping as ‘the overwriting of each sector of the disk no less than three times.’ The manner in which the process occurs is as follows: -On the first pass, all of the data in each sector is replaced by a character -On the second pass, each character is replaced by its complement -On the third pass, each sector is then filled with a random character Some believe that deleting files means that sensitive data is secure, but our video explains why a more thorough sanitization process is needed. Every Device Holding Data Gets Erased at TechnoCycle All data-bearing devices entering our facilities are securely wiped to this standard and any hard drives failing this process are destroyed, so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is protected. TechnoCycle purges all data from your hard drives. Once the sanitization is completed, we issue a Certificate of Purging which includes the serial number of the hard drive, the date it was sanitized and confirmation that it was done in accordance with the NIST 800-88 standards and DOD 5220.22-M standards. Call us today to start a conversation about our data erasure services. We serve clients in Houston, The Woodlands, and Sugar Land, TX as well as the surrounding areas. Need Something More? Shredding – The Ultimate Data Security Option For those who need or want the ultimate layer of data security, TechnoCycle offers secure data shredding services for hard drives and other drives.

    Video: Data Erasure

    Link: Data Erasure

  • Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction Services

    Security For Your Old, Unused Hard Drives There are occasions when you require your hard drives to be shredded and destroyed rather than ‘wiped’ or erased. Clients throughout Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land and have relied on TechnoCycle to provide hard drive shredding and destruction services to support their ITAD requirements. During the shredding process, your hard drives and other media will be destroyed in our state of the art electronic hard drive shredder. This machine will physically shred and destroy hard drives, disc, and tape media to ensure that all information is irretrievable. Upon completion of this hard drive destruction service, TechnoCycle will provide you a certificate of destruction on request. The TechnoCycle E-Shredder offers you either in-house or on-site shredding, depending on what you require or prefer. What Can Be Destroyed -Hard Drives – desktop, laptop, etc. -Magnetic Media – backup tapes, mini cartridges, floppy disks, etc. -Zip Disks -Flash Media – USB storage devices, PDAs, iPads, tablets, etc -Optical Media – CDs, DVDs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, Blu-rays, HD DVDs, etc. Why It’s Important DID YOU KNOW that Texas business leaders are legally required to properly dispose of customers’ sensitive data? According to the Texas’ Business & Commerce Codes §72.004 and §521.052, any business caught improperly disposing of business records can be fined up to $500 for each record, and in the case of data breach, up to $50,000 for each violation by the state of Texas. These fines do not include any penalties exacted by the U.S. government under the FTC’s FACTA Disposal Rule, which applies to virtually every business operating in the United States. UNDER TEXAS LAW, shredding is specifically noted as a proper disposal method of your old data. If your hard drives or other data-bearing media contain any of the following information, it is best to physically destroy the data for the ultimate security, to avoid state and federal penalties, and to ensure data disposal compliance: -Consumer information for a business purpose (Disposal Rule) -Medical data (PHI disposal and HIPAA and HITECH) -Student educational records or employee educational transcripts (FERPA) -Financial reports (Disposal Rule, Red Flag Rules, Safeguards Rule, and GLB) -Legal data, especially containing health and financial records, trusts, or wills (Disposal Rule) REGARDLESS OF THE SIZE OF YOUR COMPANY, data protection and breach prevention is essential during the entire life cycle of your data (click here for more information). Physical destruction of your media is the most secure method you can choose to ensure end-of-life data breach prevention and data disposal compliance. What We Offer PROPER DATA DISPOSAL IS MANDATORY, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When your data has reached its statutory or useful end of life, let TechnoCycle oversee the data disposal process for you with our enterprise-level data shredding services. When you are ready to dispose of a data-bearing device all you have to do is: -Remove the data-bearing media (hard drives, CDs, backup tapes, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, floppy disks, etc.) from its device before recycling or donating -Schedule a data destruction appointment at your location or at TechnoCycle secure facility -Keep your data with you until it is shredded at your appointment -Witness the destruction -Receive a Certificate of Destruction within 24 hours of disposal ADDITIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE hard drive removal on-site or off-site, serial numbers recorded before destruction, video capture of the destruction, and pick up of your electronic recyclables (click here for accepted items). In addition, you will be able to track online (through our client log-in) your e-waste from collection to the end of the recycling process. Reports will include a full asset accountability manifest including details of manufacturer, model, classification, asset tag (if available) and weights. We also provide an outstanding level of quality assurance to our customers through our intensive chain of custody documentation and auditable reports. If you have data disposal questions or would like to schedule our data destruction service, please contact us by phone.

    Video: Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction Services

    Link: Hard Drive Shredding & Media Destruction Services


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